Understanding ESG and Its Impact on Fleet Operations

This is a recording of the June 29, 2022 webinar. 

Research shows that investment in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related initiatives can create value and contribute a positive return on investment to a company while developing supply chain relationships and meeting the demands of clients and lenders. Successful ESG programs can result in top-line growth, cost reductions, reduced regulatory and legal interventions, increased productivity, asset optimization, and enhance operational performance. For NAFA Members and fleet managers, ESG is an evolving need and calculating and tracking fleet emissions and emissions reductions is becoming ever more important.

Join NAFA and ESG Integrity, a program developed by the Fuels Institute, to discover the importance of ESG planning, monitoring, and reporting on your fleet operations.

 Receive valuable insights and guidance on ESG for your fleet
 Learn about challenges and opportunities of the newly proposed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  ruling requiring additional reporting requirements for publicly traded companies
 Hear about NAFA’s partnership with ESG Integrity and ESG reporting tools that are on the horizon for fleet managers

Whether your fleet is a publicly traded company awaiting the proposed SEC ruling, municipality and other organization that currently does ESG reporting, or any organization that wants to calculate and track their emissions/emissions reductions, this webinar will provide all fleet managers with an outlook on the importance of ESG reporting tools and upcoming opportunities.

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